Supply Chain Services

Single Source Procurement Provider

Basic Crating & Packaging can help optimize your logistics and supply chain to increase service to your customers by being your full-circle solution provider.

We will understand your challenges and bring out the best plan for procurement in your industry. From packaging and assembly to vendor management, we are proficient in making all components part of a hassle-free custom program with excellent service.

Manufacturing Industries Benefiting From Pre-Assembled Packaging

• Industrial equipment
• Fabricated metals
• Computer components
• Electronic equipment
• Transportation components
• Plastics & Rubber products
• Medical imaging

Expert Solutions

With 50 years experience in our industry, Basic Crating & Packaging provides complete engineering and design capabilities to the fullest degree.
Our skilled packaging engineers will create customized solutions that are highly dynamic, and cost effective.
Our quality enhances product presentation and customer experience according to your requirements.

From concept to completion, our specialty ranges from custom wooden skids and crates to corrugated and foam products. We can provide you with all the packaging and shipping supplies needed as well as process flow improvements through equipment automation.

Fine Tuned
Supply Chain

BCP’s procurement specialists coordinate and interface with our clients forecasting functions in order to maximize manufacturing efficiencies.

For projects that span our entire range of services, we can coordinate operations of outside components, plan production cycles, minimize inventories, and maximize “speed-to-market” across multiple industries.
Our vendor management will result in efficiency improvements of supply chain, production, and supplier relations.

Strategic Planning For Your Industry

• Creating customized packaging for your unique products
• Understanding your product cycle
• Recognizing your product delivery objectives
• Streamlining warehousing and distribution with our inventory management system

Operational Support


Identification process collects the data of the items and the yearly quantities pertaining to those items to get an understanding of their current supply chain cycle – allowing BCP to easily identify patterns, and ways to improve your business.


Optimization uses a combination of tools and expertise to analyze the unique number of sizes and total packaging volume to create a custom solution specific to the customer and their industry.


Integration phase begins when BCP takes customized solutions and integrates it into our customers current supply chain. Standardizing a packing program by identifying patterns and planning material purchasing to fit demand as needed.

Nationwide Packing Program

• In-house and on-site packing services
• Quality wooden crates and skids to your specification
Basic Nailess Solution – Collapsible crate; Easy assembly without special tools
• Custom eco-friendly corrugated boxes
Protection packaging using Vapor Barrier & Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors
• Securing product with poly bags, stretch film, and foam
• Pick, pack and ship process with custom labeling and bar-coding
• Choose build-to-order or build-to-stock basis
• Bonded warehousing with maintained inventory using the latest technology VMI, Cycle Count, FIFO, and Bar Coding
• Quality Control with Documentation and Reporting

Offering Fast And Efficient Modes Of Movement

• JIT Delivery
• Door To Door Service
• Specialized Trucking
• Round-trip Drayage
• Ocean Container Services
• Crossdocking & Transloading
• Airport Delivery

Logistics Coordination

Our logistics operate under the concept of receiving raw materials, products and parts as they are needed, rather than days or even weeks before. This allows businesses to significantly cut inventory costs by having fewer unnecessary supplies on hand and far less material to store.

As effective as Just-In-Time Delivery is, it can be difficult to coordinate large amounts of shipments efficiently, especially when dealing with shipments that vary in size and destination.

Basic Crating & Packaging has a team of experts and superior customer service can coordinate your shipments for you; freeing you up to focus on what’s important – your business’ bottom line.
We provide several options for getting your shipments to their destination right before they are needed. From cargo and sprinter vans and straight trucks to full truckloads and air freight, no shipment is too large, nor destination too far to deliver promptly and on-time.