Packaging and Preservation

Sustainable Engineering For Preservation

The primary role of BCP’s special packaging services is to contain, protect and preserve your industry’s product as well as aid in its handling and final presentation.

Whether it’s providing packaging supplies and shipping supplies to packaging equipment at your facility, we have a large inventory of items on-hand or can create custom items to help you tailor a solution to your application. 

Basic Crating & Packaging will design a reliable, cost-efficient, high quality preservation method from moisture, corrosion, mold, static electricity, aromas, oxygen or even ultraviolet (UV) rays. 

Innovative Quality Packaging


Our reinforced VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) packaging from Branopac provides the strongest corrosion protection and rust prevention for your high quality metal products. VCI packaging will ensure that customers receive pristine products after Ocean or Air shipments. It will not affect the performance of the protected metal, and the parts are ready to use immediately after removal from the packaging without additional cleaning.

Vapor Barrier

In order to protect your equipment from damage during Ocean or Air shipments and storage, it may be necessary to employ the use of Vapor Barrier Packaging to prevent metal corrosion by the reduction and elimination of moisture vapor transmission rate. Sensitive electronic products such as computers and server racks will need this type of protection against moisture to ensure they’re performing properly once delivered. 

Heat Shrink Wrap

Heat Shrink wrap is very affordable compared to other packaging options. Also, since the plastic film shrinks and encloses tightly onto the product, protecting enclosed items from dirt, moisture and other damages. The plastic film used is high quality and is hard to damage. This makes it perfect for products that require transport especially if it’s a long distance.


Foam packaging allows your products to absorb shocks and impacts while providing support during shipments.
Poly foam can vary in levels of thickness and sheet sizes to accommodate a range of needs, this foam solution can be custom cut to meet your exact needs.
Foam-In-Place features the best in foam types all expertly cut with precision to ensure the best display for your valuable items such as medical supplies and mechanical parts.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is essential protection against shocks and vibrations, such as Transportation of delicate items. Fragile goods need to be protected from all places so that no direct pressure falls onto it. Bubble wrap can cover any shaped object, regardless of its dimensions. Most importantly, it can be used several times. It is made from environmentally friendly materials and can be recycled, 


Custom ESD packaging designs can
be provided for all products and include
custom size conductive boxes and anti-static
bags, die-cut ESD foam and custom thermoform and ESD clamshells. ESD foam
interiors are available in pink anti-static and
black conductive polyethylene and
polyurethane material..

Custom Corrugated Packaging

Basic Crating & Packaging offers a variety of corrugated product options and packaging services, such as Die-cuts, RSCs, Bulk Cartons, Tubes, Trays, Partitions, POP Displays, Wraps, HSCs, and FOLs.  We can customize the durability and design to fit your company’s needs. Corrugated is 100% Renewable and Recyclable.

Corrugated packaging combines structural rigidity with cushioning qualities to protect heavy or fragile contents from damage. Single wall boxes consist of two liners and one medium. The medium is the “fluting” of the box. By increasing the thickness or doubling the quantity of the liners will insure extra protection for your shipment. Custom cut foam packing can be incorporated for additional support for your products. 

Additional Protection For Shipping


Dunnage bags are specifically designed to secure and stabilize cargo in ocean containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships. They prevent both lateral and longitudinal movement and are much more effective in stabilizing cargo compared with wood blocking and bracing.


Desiccants are drying agents that extract water from a wide range of materials and control the humidity levels inside a ocean container. 
In order to achieve optimal protection, desiccants are best used within a sealed Vapor Barrier bag.