Industrial Project Services

Efficiency In Your Scope Of Work

In today’s complex world of International Shipping & Logistics, BCP’s Project Management Team is there to simplify your biggest challenges.

Our Single Source Provider approach is designed to make your most complicated overseas shipment as simple as a phone call.
We can manage virtually every aspect of an overseas project on time and budget.

Project Management

Logistics providers around the world use BCP’s facility and onsite expertise for cargo consolidations and export packing projects. Whether it’s vacuum packing at your customer’s location or coordinating complex project cargo, we can manage every aspect of your project from start to finish.

Basic Crating & Packaging has the skill to plan, coordinate and execute large projects on time and on budget. We work with rigging companies and freight forwarders to provide our customers with turn-key solutions for their complex project requirements.
We specialize in packing heavy / oversized machinery and has a mobile onsite packing crew that will travel nationwide to complete a project.

Valued Benefit For
Your Industry

• Break Bulk & Plant Relocation Specialists
• Site Survey & Budget Planning
• National On-Site Services from Shippers Location
• Rigging Coordination for Complex Projects
• Export and Domestic Packing & Crating
• Container Services Onsite – Load, Block and Brace
• Domestic Transportation & Heavy Haul
• Export Coordination & International Logistics

Plant Relocation
Automotive Industry Expansion

Scope: Manufacturing Equipment for Automotive Components

Designed, Built & Loaded Custom Skid
Designed, Built & Closed Custom Crate
Custom Packed w/ VCI Wrap to ensure protection from Element Exposure

Operations: Provided Complete
Export Packing Services Onsite

Logistics: Ohio -> US Port -> France
Timeline: 7 Days 
Location: Cleveland, OH
Final Destination: France

Cargo: (3) BB Boxes, (4) Boxes,
(2) Skids and (5) 40′ HC Containers

Final Oversized Cargo Dimensions
BB Box 1: 624 x 135 x 116, 99,000 lbs
BB Box 2: 396 x 110 x 141, 66,000 lbs
BB Box 3: 396 x 110 x 141, 66,000 lbs

Industrial Shipment
Oversized Machinery Equipment

Scope: Export Packed Metal Equipment and Pieces for Export to Saudi Arabia

Designed, Built & Loaded Custom Skids for 6 Breakbulk Pieces
Loaded, Blocked & Braced 15 40’/45′ Ocean Containers

Operations: Provided Export Packing Services Onsite

Logistics:  Indiana -> US Port -> Saudi Arabia
Timeline: 1 Month
Location:  Michigan City, IN
Final Destination: Saudi Arabia

Cargo: (6) Breakbulk Skids &
(16) 40′ & 45′ Ocean Containers

Final Oversized Cargo Dimensions
BB Skid 1: 306 x 178 x 133, 206,350 lbs
BB Skid 2: 208 x 109 x 126, 131,900 lbs

Plant Relocation
High Value Electrical Equipment

Scope: Over Dimensional CNC Lathe Center- Total of Four Components

Designed, Built & Loaded Custom Skid
Designed, Built & Closed Custom Box
Vacuum Packing Used to Protect Equipment During Transit

Operations: Export Packed and Preserved CNC Lathe Center Components

Logistics: Missouri  -> Germany
Timeline: 2 Days
Location: St. Louis, MO
Destination: Germany

Cargo: Four (4) Over Dimensional Box’s with CNC Lathe Center Components

Largest Breakbulk Cargo Dimensions
BB Box: 320 x 110 x 128, 30, 98,500 lbs
BB Box: 380 x 115 x 124, 30, 102,300 lbs

Industrial Shipment
Sensitive Heat Equipment

Scope: State-of-the-art Equipment for Heat Treat System

Designed, Built & Loaded Skids & Boxes
Customized Preservation Method to protect inside firebrick of highly sensitive and oversize furnaces

Operations: Export Box and Preserve Highly Sensitive and Over Dimensional Heat Treat Equipment

Logistics: Illinois -> NY Port ->Turkey
Timeline: 1 Week
Location: Elgin, IL
Destination: Turkey

Cargo: (32) PCS of Equipment – 207,608 lbs total gross weight

Largest Break Bulk Cargo Dimensions
(3) BB Boxes: 147 x 133 x 154 – 30,000 lbs each
(3) BB Boxes: 180 x 102 x 105 – 7,250 lbs each

Plant Relocation
Industrial Equipment & Assembly Lines

Scope: Export Packed 1.5 Million Sq. Ft. MFG Plant for Relocation to China

• Designed, Built & Loaded Skids & Boxes
• Mobilized 20 Relocation Specialists to Ohio to work hand-in-hand with 4 new entities: 12 engineers relocated from China, Shipper, Freight Forwarder & Rigger and 

Operations: Provided Complete Export Packing & Rigging Services 

Logistics: Ohio -> China
Timeline: 4 Months
Location: Sandusky, OH
Destination: China

Cargo: 1,500 PCS of Bearings Equipment & Assembly Line

200 Breakbulk boxes
250 Ocean containers
750 Skids : consolidated 3 skids per container to load and secure smaller items