Disaster Preparedness

Preparation and Relief for Your Supply Chain

Natural disasters and pandemics put extraordinary pressure on the complex supply chains that play a crucial role in not only the global economy, but the well-being and livelihoods of people everywhere. When a crisis erupts, your industry operations still need to move at full speed. Coordination and execution must run smoothly, with life-saving shipments delivered safely, securely, and on time.

Basic Crating & Packaging provides you with a single, comprehensive source for your Disaster preparedness and response needs. We have a vast network of warehouses in North America with the logistical capabilities to develop both basic and advanced emergency response situations. 

Our team will customize solutions to meet the specialized handling and shipment requirements of time-sensitive materials during the following scenarios…
• Hurricanes
• Tornadoes
• Earthquakes
• Floods
• Wildfires
• Power Outages
• Hazardous Material
• Virus and Disease Outbreaks
• Winter Storms
• Civil Unrest 

Disaster Preparedness

When unexpected disaster strikes, your business needs to be prepared. BCP provides guidance and packaging materials for all types of emergency situations. Planning is both necessary and practical, since it is generally impossible to foresee when disasters may affect a given location.

Our Packaging Engineers will customize your supply chain solutions and distribution planning to ensure your business is ready for the unexpected. We are committed to keeping operations up and running safely under the toughest circumstances.

Packaging and Distribution Services:

• Distribution of BNS knockdown crates, custom crates, and skids  • Distribution of plywood, lumber, and packaging supplies
• Transportation of shipments from warehouses to service delivery sites
• Consultation on packaging design to ensure maximum product protection
• Consultation on warehouse design to optimize space and improve distribution

Rapid Response Protection

During the aftermath of a disaster, there is a higher demand for medical equipment, power generation machinery, and other goods that need to be transported to destinations in dire need. This type of equipment is sensitive and needs to be properly protected. 

BCP is a leader for manufacturers needing to protect heavy, valuable, or fragile equipment and machinery. We engineer custom crates to prevent abrasion, vibration, shock, or moisture damage. We provide the most efficient packaging options that guarantee full-value protection for your supply chain.

Protective Capabilities

• Custom crating, skidding, and packing services
• Shock-mount bases minimize vibrations and protect sensitive electronics
• Anti-corrosion packaging to protect from environmental elements
• Hazmat packing and DG compliance for IATA regulations
• Military-spec design and packaging
• Shipment consolidation to minimize cargo loss
• Specialized dismantling, handling, and shipping preparation

Emergency Shipping Solutions

Despite exceptionally challenging circumstances, the world’s ports and terminals continue to operate wherever feasible. Ships, trucks, and trains are still being loaded and unloaded around the clock, ensuring that food, drugs, and medical equipment are available where needed, and that other vital products, machinery and raw materials reach their destinations.

We will focus on shipping and distribution so you can focus on identifying and fulfilling needs. From re-routing shipments due to port congestion or warehousing products from facility shutdowns, we will work with you from start to finish.

Shipping Capabilities

• Inbound and outbound drayage transportation for of all major U.S. ports
• Proper loading, blocking, and bracing for containers and flat racks
• Crossdocking and transloading solutions
• FCL/LCL pickup, delivery and distribution at all container freight stations
• Nationwide LTL/FTL services and Airport delivery
• Warehousing and distribution

BCP’s Helping Hand During COVID-19

Basic Crating and Packaging was chosen as a provider to repack and distribute PPE throughout Illinois. While we always pride ourselves on our protective packing services, this opportunity to be a part of efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is incredibly special to us. BCP is honored to assist healthcare workers and all essential workers that require PPE during this crisis!

*Scope of Work*

Shipments of 300 medical gowns and 800,000 masks were delivered to our facility in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, conveniently located near O’Hare Airport.
Our team disassembled inbound pallets, sorted products, and repacked items into corrugated boxes based on different outbound shipments.