Crating and Skidding

Export & Domestic Architecture For Your Industry

BCP’s skilled packaging team will create customized solutions that are highly dynamic and cost-effective. Our quality enhances product presentation and customer experience according to your requirements.

From concept to completion, Basic Crating & Packaging can create any crate or skid to your specification for a replenishment program specialized in your supply chain.

All lumber purchased for crating & skidding meets or exceeds the ISPM-15 standard for heat treatment requirements for export shipments containing Solid Wood Packaging Material (SWPM). We can apply our ISPM-15 compliant “IPPC-HT” stamp to any of our wood crates, boxes and pallets specified for export packing.

Innovative Quality Designs

Solid Export

Solid Export Crates are enclosed, and custom built for your shipment, whether domestic or international. Solid export crates have high quality barriers to maximize protection from hazardous transit conditions. The skid base is used to support the load and assist with handling, Storage and Transportation.


Breakbulk Crates are for Out of Gauge (OOG) cargo that can’t ship in a ocean container. Breakbulk crates are heavy duty to deal with harsh environments during ocean export. It qualifies in a variety of industries (Oil & Gas, Power Gen, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Security, and Solar Companies). These crates coincide with ourProject Management.


Reusable crates are crafted to your special specifications. Features include hinged access doors, removable panels, Plexiglas view ports, compartments, and interior shock absorbent systems. Reusable crates are most desirable for Tradeshows to unique shipments.


Knockdown crates are an unassembled crate which can be easily assembled and loaded by the customer. The Knockdown crate consists of a skid, four walls, and a lid. They are laid flat and easily stacked, prior to assembly. These crates are convenient to keep in stock until needed for packing.


Skeleton crates are a cost-effective solution opposed to shipping cargo bare and the crate structure accommodates to irregular shaped goods. Skeleton crates are much lighter than enclosed crates, potentially lowering your overall shipping costs.

Custom Skid

Our skids can be tailored to any size and strength to meet your product standards. They can consist of 4×4 runners or feet planked with 2×12 and special metal banding. Custom Skids are used when heavy or industrial items may not need crating, but need a stable base for loading and Transportation.

Lightweight Pallet

BCP’s solid-deck wood pallets can be
configured in many ways, their modular components are simple: one solid-deck piece, blocks or stringers, and fasteners. pallets are available with either two-way or four-way entry. The final design ultimately depends on the pallet’s intended end-use.

Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallets are an exceptional addition to any business which engages in high volume shipping. As durable as they are dependable, they’re ideal for quickly transporting large amounts of product en mass; Ideal for moving onto trucks or train cars in rapid succession.

ATA Case

Air Transport Association-approved Cases are suitable for airline shipments. These make great road cases and shipping cases for transporting your sensitive equipment and instrumentation for domestic or international transport.

Pallet Collar

BCP’s pallet collars are expandable,
exportable, reusable, and custom-built to fit any pallet size. They are an economical way to add sides to a pallet. With these, your packaging personnel can construct a sturdy
export crate within minutes using pallet collars.


OptiLedge Platforms are made of light and durable Poly Propylene which can be recycled. Wooden pallets, on average, add over one ton of weight to a typical truckload. In addition, unitized loads generally have less packaging.


Reddi-Crates are non-abrasive on the interior and exterior for the protection of products. Their standard exterior is a white clay coat, but other finishes are available to meet your specific applications.

Protective Cases

Hard Shell Solutions

BCP is a authorized Pelican™ dealer and we offer protective cases in many styles. These designs have crushproof Polypropylene copolymer shells accompanied with fitted stainless steel hardware to create a protective case that’s engineered for the long term. 


Interior Case Solutions

BCP’s interior case solutions give you multiple options to keep your equipment intact, organized and ready to go. Choose from our TrekPak™Divider System, Padded Dividers, Drone Solutions or Custom Foam options to protect your gear or get precision cut custom foam for the perfect fit. 


Identifying Your Shipments

Labeling on products provides the following important information:
• IPPC-HT stamp
• Shipper’s mark
• Country of origin
• Weight marking (in pounds and in kilograms)
• Number of packages and size of cases (in inches and centimeters)
• Handling marks (international pictorial symbols)
• Cautionary markings, such as “This Side Up.”
• Port of entry
• Labels for hazardous materials

Deterrence For Sensitive Shipments

Impact Indicators

Impact Indicators prevent mishandling every step of the way. Affixed directly to your goods or packaging, our shock sensors detect and record impact and mishandling of fragile, sensitive or calibrated products during transportation.

Tilt Indicators

Tilt Indicators detect unacceptable tilting on goods that must remain upright. When these indicators are used, the product cannot be tipped without indisputable evidence of mishandling.